Oh I do, but I say I don’t.

Because you pack, and you leave. And you pack, and you leave. And you leave, and you leave. Until there’s nothing left to leave.


The Story So Far.

It’s damn discouraging, feeling that you’re the only one in it // Like you’re the only one running with it It’s damn infuriating, feeling that you’re meant to stay alone // Like when you’re not, something’s gonna go wrong It’s damn exhausting, feeling that you’re never enough // Like when they praise you, they’re just […]

Ode to Bonnie & Clyde

Lay down here with me and let the night pass by You’re young, I’m young, we can outrun time Devious, devastating, divine They caught us red-handed, said we’d never be sated We’d never be abated, never truly satisfied And if I’ve denied then I’ve lied ‘Cause everyday I’m out of my mind with what’s out […]